Selat panjang Kab. Meranti, Riau 10 Agustus 2109.

“Safety and security in shipping is a fixed price and cannot be bargained anymore, for this reason training activities for fishing communities in this DPM are very important to carry out, this is one of the quotes from the speech of STIP Jakarta Chairperson Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM, who read by Mr. Bonard as representatives of the teaching team from STIP, in the closing ceremony of Community Empowerment Training (DPM) for the Meranti island community.
The Community Empowerment Training Program for the Meranti community took place on the 5th. August 10, 2019 and was opened by the Deputy Regent of Meranti Islands.

The learning provided consisted of KLM BST, SKK 60 Mil Nautika and Teknika.
And attended by 300 participants, while the CCM program was attended by 120 participants
And the total number of Meranti DPM batch XIIIV participants was 420 participants.
The closing of DPM activities was marked by giving a certificate as a participant of the activity, symbolically by Drs. H. Said Hasyim as deputy Regent of the Meranti island district.

In his remarks he conveyed “infinite gratitude to the Chairperson of STIP and the team for this good cooperation, the distance of hundreds of kilometers has been taken so that reaching this meranti is a very hard and very tiring struggle, but thanks to the spirit of devotion and the love of the teachers and the team for the Meranti Fishermen community, this DPM event can be carried out and thank God it runs smoothly and well, and we can meet again in the next DPM program, hopefully the goodness of the entire STIP team and the committee from the Meranti Regency will become a charity for the afterlife. “