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Rabu, 29 Mei 2024

Chairman’s Greeting

Dear Our Valued Visitors,

We welcome you to the official page of Maritime Institute, with joy and respect. Through this official website, we introduce the campus with approximately 32 hectares of area to the world, as one of the leading maritime campuses in Indonesia .Maritime Institute, as one of the universities under Indonesian Ministry of Transports, fostered by The Agency of Human Resource Development of Ministry of Transports, deploys three majors, i.e.: Nautical Department, Engine Department, and Port and Shipping Management Department. On average, there are 450 graduates released annually. In addition to formal education, Maritime Institute also conduct seamen’s skills and expertise education and training, which are open to public. All information on education and training activities needed are also available here on this website. As a college that is dedicated also to the community, the teachers/lecturers/instructors in Maritime Institute also conduct researches and community services, as a form of contribution to the development of education in the neighbourhood of Maritime Institute.

To conclude, I, once again, thank you for your trust on Maritime Institute as one of the leading maritime universities in Indonesia and to meet our vision to become a maritime education institution of international standard that bears professional human resources in maritime industries.

Welcome to Maritime Institute ! We Are Satisfied When You Are!


The Principal of Maritime Institute