Jakarta, 2 Oktober 2019.

Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM, as the Principal of STIP closed and inaugurated 39 participants of Seaman Training Level III Teknika class XXIX. The event held at the STIP Auditorium Building was attended by Structural / Functional Officers and STIP DWP. The activity that began with singing the song Indonesia Raya and Transportation Hymn proceeded wisely and smoothly.

In his remarks the Chairperson of STIP said, “I congratulate all participants of the training program today who have been appointed and legally bears the title of ATT III by passing the 100% Seaman Expertise Test, applying all the knowledge gained from this STIP campus at your place of work later, develop your ability, don’t be complacent, and most importantly, don’t forget this alma mater, your beloved campus, return to this campus to improve your qualifications until you have ATT 1.

While the Pasis representative in his message impression conveyed, “Thank you for the opportunity so that we can all learn in this place and we also pray that STIP will be more advanced and more glorious”.