Jakarta 21 September 2019.

Located at the Jakarta AD Army Health Education Center (Pusdikes), a total of 307 Taruni Taruni (Catar) candidates consisting of 265 Catar and 42 Catir people successfully completed the Basic Period of Character Building (Madatukar) program.

This activity was closed directly by Mr. Solehuddin, MM as Puket 3 who represented the Chair of STIP. In his remarks he conveyed “congratulations to all of you catar and catir who have succeeded and completed participating in Madatukar activities that we have carried out together at the TNi AD / Pusdikkes health education center. In this place you have been forged and educated with various rules of discipline. and limited facilities, and that is not an easy thing. But today I witnessed you stand tall before us all, and it shows that you are selected young men who have a strong attitude and mentality, so that you are able to pass all the tests and these challenges. But remember, all this is just the beginning, in the future there are still challenges and tests that you face. Keep your spirits up, rest assured that all of you will be able to pass this all together. Don’t forget to remind one another and strengthen each other. Finally, hopefully with AllAh swt’s permission, you all can reach the final goal, namely dil antique became a commercial shipping officer. To the Pusdikkes commander and our staff we thank you for this collaboration, and hopefully this collaboration will be even tighter and can meet again “.

In this festive event, officials from both institutions were also present, including the Danpusdikkes Colonel .dr. Chess Educate and caregivers of STIP cadets.

Activities that last for 12 days, starting from 8 to 21 September 2019, the catar catir get training and discipline education, moral and mental formation.