Jakarta 17 July 2019

Principal of STIP Jakarta Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM and accompanied by several structural and functional Officers of STIP, accepted and welcomed Mr. Mir Hasibul Hasan as Representative of Hong Lam Marine Singapore (HLMS). In the meeting held in the STIP Meeting room, a number of issues were discussed concerning the HR and Crew HR Officer development program.

In front of representatives from HLMS management, the Chairperson of STIP presented the profile of the institution and other supporting facilities owned by STIP, and could be used as a medium of education and training for those in need.

In his remarks, representatives of the Hong Lam Marine Singapore said, hoping to immediately build and cooperate with STIP, because the superiority of STIP alumni has been proven in the international shipping arena, especially in terms of mastering the skills of a ship’s Deck and Engine.
And now STIP has the most complete Deck and Engine Simulator in accordance with the needs of the HLMS to improve the quality and capability of HR from Hong Lam Singapore and hopefully this hope can be realized soon.

After a face-to-face meeting and watching the STIP campus profile, the event continued with a direct visit to several existing facilities, including the lab simulator and engine simulator and the STIP training pool area.