Jakarta, 11 September 2019.

Located in the STIP Jakarta Auditorium room, Capt. Abdul Rochman, MM as Puket 2 representing the Principal of STIP inaugurated the officers of Nautika’s IV level seafarers training program and the nautical and level V level seafaring training program for the first batch with 101 participants. The activity was attended by structural and functional officials, STIP academics, and other invited guests.

The theme for today’s activity is “To become an agile and dynamic seafarers” in accordance with the theme in his speech Puket 2 said, “It is hoped that the training participants will be able to create innovatively through ideas, suggestions and input for changing times that are influenced by industrial revolution 4.0. This trend has changed many areas of human life itself. In short the 4.0 revolution instilled intelligent technology that can be connected with various fields of human life. “

While the training participants’ representatives in delivering their impressions and messages said “It is an extraordinary thing for us, the training participants can learn in this extraordinary STIP campus, why do we mention it is extraordinary because this campus has given birth to many reliable sailors and has been recognized by the world maritime, we witnessed for ourselves how many masters and leaders of shipping companies were born from this campus and it is fitting if we also hope that our fate will be the same even beyond the success of our predecessors who have succeeded first. Hopefully we can meet again in this place in our next level of education improvement program. “