Selat panjang Meranti, 5 Agustus 2019.

Panjang Strait of Meranti Regency is one of the foremost and outermost areas of Indonesia, most of the people of this archipelago live their lives in the form of sea waters directly bordering the waters of the Malacca Strait.

The Community Empowerment Training Program (DPM) was held in the Afifa building in the long strait area and was officially opened by the Deputy Regent of Meranti Regency, Drs. H. said Hasyim who was accompanied by the executive coordinator who was the secretary of the P3M STIP service division, Agus Leonard Togatorop.

And also attended by the local Muspida among them, Dr.H.Aready, SE, M. Si, as Kadishub Meranti district and Representatives from the TNI and Polri.

In this activity the participants received training in the form of Basic Safety Training (BST KLM), SKK 60 Mil Nautika and Teknika, and Crowd And Crisis Management (CCM).

In his remarks the Deputy Regent stated, “Thank you to the Ministry of Transportation, especially the College of Shipping (STIP) for the implementation of this activity, because this DPM is very much needed by the Meranti people who daily carry out activities by the sea, are economical by sea, both logistical and passenger..

So the presence of this STIP team in order to educate the Meranti community, especially related to the safety and security of sailing, is very much appreciated.

And to the participants, I would like to convey, that they will participate in this activity properly and with full discipline. “

While the Chairperson of STIP in his speech read by Agus Togantorop as the P3M service secretary said, “This DPM activity is the second activity we have carried out in the Meranti Islands Regency region and hopefully this activity can be of benefit and be carried out according to our expectations, so that the community meranti can work professionally in the maritime world both nationally and internationally. “