Jakarta, 11 December 2019

Located in the STIP Jakarta Auditorium room, Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM as the Principal of STIP and accompanied by structural / functional officials as well as the STIP Unity Dharma Wanita, closed the Level I Seafarers Training Program for Nautical Expertise (ANT I) batch LIV while also inaugurating 34 student officers. The interesting thing about this event is that the event was also accompanied by the STIP drummer team, Gita Sapta Bahari.

The theme of this activity is “Developing Quality of Human Resources to Meet the Needs of Maritime World.” In his speech, the Chairperson of STIP congratulates success on all ANT I graduates who have completed their training programs very well and on time, besides that the Chair STIP also expressed an apology if during the training program there were things that were less pleasing to the graduates.

Besides that, as for the representatives of the graduates who conveyed their impressions during the training program, he thanked the Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM along with all the staff who have facilitated the graduates during the training program. In addition, the graduation representatives also expressed their gratitude to the teachers who had conveyed their knowledge so that they could improve the insight and abilities of the graduates.

At the end of the event, Capt.Marihot Simanjuntak symbolically gave a diploma and endorsement to the representatives of graduates as proof of STIP’s commitment in providing Delivery Ontime services to the participants of their training.