Jakarta 2 March 2020

The Principal of STIP Jakarta, Amiruddin, MM accompanied by STIP’s Structural / Functional Officers, received and welcomed Mr. John Lim as The President Director of CMA CGM Group Indonesia, along with his entourage. The arrival of PT CMA CGM was to explore and build cooperation with STIP, such as recruitment for STIP graduates.

CMA CGM is a fairly large shipping company which is well known in the maritime world. “Currently CMA CGM needs several graduates from STIP to join us because STIP has graduated with good skills and in accordance with company needs,” said Mr. John Lim, in his introductory address.

In line with the statement of the President Director of CMA CGM, the Principal of STIP Jakarta warmly welcomed the exploration of this collaboration, because of the establishment of this collaboration. It proves how the recognition of shipping companies towards the existence of STIP as an International maritime institute.