The Thousand Islands Waters Jakarta, 3 March 2020

Representing The Principal of STIP Jakarta, Deputy Principal III Mr. Solehuddin, led the flower sowing at the Muster Station of Training ship MH Thamrin. This year’s event was different from last year’s event. This year’s event carried out in the Thousand Islands Waters.

This annual activity is a manifestation of a sense of appreciation and gratitude for the services of the heroes who have fought in the struggle for Indonesian independence.

Forty prospective graduates of STIP Jakarta batch 58 2nd period, the ranks of the Character Development Center STIP, and STIP DWP ladies have attended the event. The STIP DWP Ladies were under the leadership of Mrs. Ida Fatma Amiruddin.

On the training ship, MH Thamrin was captained by Capt. Sajim Budi Setiawan, MM, along with the crew and supported by very friendly weather, the event went smoothly and was very solemn.