Jakarta 18 July 2019.

Capt. Supendi, M. Mtr as Head of Academic and Administrative Administration (KBAAK) and accompanied by several STIP officials, including Dr.April Gunawan Malau, MM as the Head of P3M, Vidya Selasdini, M. Mtr as Kadiv PU, handed over symbolically 708 Training Certificates Community Empowerment (DPM) residents of the Meranti Islands, the delivery of this certificate was received directly by Dr.H.Aready, SE, M.Si as the Head of the Department of Transportation of the Meranti Islands Regency.
In his remarks Kadishub Kepulauan Meranti conveyed, “we represent the father of the Meranti Islands Regent on behalf of all participants of the Meranti Islands DPM, thanking you for this cooperation especially in terms of DPM activities for the Meranti community that has been going well and smoothly, and of course with this certificate later Meranti community members can improve their standard of living and become more prosperous because they already have the legality to work both locally and internationally, and of course we also apologize if during the DPM activities in the Meranti islands, we as the host there are things that are less pleasing and hopefully the activities the next can run more smoothly and more successfully. “