Meranti, 19 Agustus 2019.

Vice Regent of Meranti Islands H. Said Hasyim officially opened the activities of the Community Empowerment Class XX Third Generation 2019 in Meranti Islands Regency, in order to provide knowledge to the public about maritime science, the Vice Regent hoped that a professional Meranti HR would be created ready to work in the Maritime Industry and able to open employment opportunities in the midst of the current economic difficulties, located in the Hall of Afifa Selatpanjang.

Present at the event, the Head of STIP Jakarta, represented by Bagaskoro, Head of the Meranti Transportation Department Dr. Aready, KSOP Class I Dumai, KSOP Selatpanjang Suharto, Danramil Selatpanjang Major TNI Irwan, Representatives of Pelindo, Representatives of Meranti Regional Police, Forkopimda and other Vertical Institutions, Echelon II and III Officials in the Regency Government. Meranti, as well as hundreds of native Meranti participants of the Community Empowerment Training.

The opening of the Meranti Archipelago Empowerment Force XX 2012 2019 was marked by symbolic installation of Hats and Handover of Uniforms by Meranti Islands Deputy Regent H. Said Hasyim to the participant representatives witnessed by STIP Jakarta, Firkopimda, KSOP, Meranti DPRD Members and others.
In the report submitted by the activity committee of the 2012 Meranti Islands XVIII Society Empowerment Training and Education Program, this was the umpteenth time this was held in 2019, before hundreds of participants had successfully passed and pocketed the Certificate. Now re-trained 580 people who are divided into 2 groups namely Group I to follow KLM BST Training and SKK 60 Mil Nautika and Teknika, Group II to follow CMT and CMHBT Training.

This activity was intentionally held to improve the quality of human resources and the competence of the people in the maritime sector, especially the poor people to be more productive and competitive. Later, the training participants will be given an internationally recognized certificate and can be used to work in the maritime industry. In this training, participants will be trained on how to do self-defense techniques, fire prevention, the basics of P3K. They were also given knowledge about shipping and shipping, regulations on fisheries, navigation and work safety. It is planned that Education and Training will be held for 5 days from 19 to 24 August 2019.

Responding to that, Deputy Regent of Meranti H. Said Hasyim expressed his gratitude to the Jakarta College of Shipping, and the Ministry of Transportation and the KSOP for taking care of the Meranti community by holding a Community Empowerment Training. He hopes this attention will continue because as one of the new regencies which is an area of ??the Archipelago in Riau Province, the Meranti people are in dire need of knowledge about Maritime.
“We hope that with this Education and Training program we can create professional Meranti sailors to fill the vacancy of reliable seafarers both at home and abroad,” he said.

The Vice Regent further said, this is in accordance with the geographic conditions of the Meranti islands, where most of the people live as fishermen. Vice Regent hopes that all participants can take advantage of this training and education to increase knowledge and knowledge as a provision for fishing.

Currently it is unfortunate that Meranti directly borders the Straits of Malacca and Tetanga Countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, but we have not been able to exploit that potential to the maximum, just to be a spectator. “In the future the Meranti people must be able to master shipping in the Malacca Strait, moreover we are in the foremost and most strategic National area,” said the Vice Regent.

The Vice Regent considered the need to produce quality human resources in the field of maritime affairs and this training was very appropriate for the Maritime community, especially in the Meranti Islands. In the future, the Vice Regent advised the relevant Department to follow up the maritime advisors to train Meranti HR so that they would not be left behind by other regions.

Lastly, all things went according to the Vice Regent’s wish to remind the participants to take part in this activity well so that they could absorb the knowledge of the pursuing lecturers to be applied in working in the maritime field. And equally important, the Vice Regent reminded all prospective maritime industry professionals to always work Professionally, Honestly and Sincerely because only with that the leader can trust.
“Besides professionalism, working well and honestly in order to gain the trust of the leadership,” he concluded.

As information as is known in this training, participants will be trained and given knowledge in the field of maritime category of motorized sailboats such as Skills, Fire Fighting, and others by Professional Instructors from the Jakarta College of Shipping. After attending the DPM Training, all participants, mostly Meranti youths, will be given an internationally recognized DPM Marine Certificate.