Jakarta 17 Agustus 2019

Located in the field of the Bintang Peluruan College of Science (STIP) Jakarta, Capt. Abdul Rahman, MM, as Assistant Chairperson 2 (Puket 2) representing the Chairperson of STIP acted as Inspector of Ceremony (Irup) at the 74th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day.

The activity began with the raising of the Red and White Flag and accompanied by singing the song Indonesia Raya with the music of the Gita Sapta Bahari Taruna Taruni Taruni STIP team.

Besides being attended by structural structural officials and STIP employees, also attending were members of the STIP DWP and cadets.

In a quote from the Minister of Transportation’s remarks read by Irup, he delivered “With the commemoration of the 74th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia in 2019, which takes the theme” Advanced Indonesian Advanced HR “hopes that we as Transportation Personnel can always be optimistic and enthusiastic to increase our potential as human resources in transportation, because the quality of Transportation HR reflects the face of excellence nation and transportation is a basic need to support other strategic sectors ”

After the ceremony was finished the activity continued with the distribution of prizes to the participants of the race who managed to become champions while the names of participants who won were;

1. gymnastics championship

I. Girnisia kakisina

II. Purwanto

III. Nur malau

2. Eel

I. Farrel June

II. Devi Wisnawati

III. Jesica

3. Race sacks

I. Randy nathanael

II. Jerry Martin

III. Pandhu’s mind

4. Tug of mine

I. BDM team

II. the Melati team

III. Level 4 cadets

5. Make coffee

I. Mrs. Romaria and Mrs. Tristanti

II. Euis Dinda and Eliza

III. Dicky M and Kevin

6. Banana Fry

I. Martha.s and Mulyani

II. Tristanti and Fitrianti

III. Mrs. Frans and Mrs. April

7. Chess

I. Pesta Vieri

II. Maurid

III. Irfan izulhaq m