Jakarta, 10 December 2019

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Dharma Wanita Unit, 91st Mother’s Day, and Christmas Day, the Dharma Wanita Persatuan STIP (DWP STIP) visited the “HOME” shelter in the Cilincing area, North Jakarta. Mrs. DWP STIP was also accompanied by STIP’s cadet VII semester.

In this activity, Mrs. Romaria Simanjuntak as the Chairperson of DWP STIP gave a speech, in her speech she said that hopefully the DWP STIP Social Service to the “HOME” Shelter could be beneficial to all members and could help meet the daily needs of the shelter.

In addition, the housekeeper “HOME” who is familiarly called Mother Yudith also gave a speech, in her speech she said very happy and very grateful for the visit of DWP STIP who wanted to care and attention to the “HOME” shelter. Mother Yudith also hopes that DWP STIP will be more successful and will always be given health by God Almighty.

As for the surprise given by the children of the shelter, they gave a red rose to DWP STIP’s mother as a sign of gratitude for the visit and assistance for the “HOME” shelter. This social service was filled with candlelight activities to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of the Women’s Dharma, to celebrate 91st Mother’s Day and to celebrate Christmas, the distribution of roses for DWP STIP’s mothers from the children of the shelter, compensation to halfway house kids, dance and singing performances from halfway house kids, and eating together.