Jakarta 26 September 2019.

Located at STIP Bintang Field, the Chairperson of the School of Shipping (STIP) Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM and accompanied by structural and functional officials and attended by all STIP academicians, led the graduation ceremony of the Taruna Taruna STIP and the installation of awards in the form of Brevet to representatives of prospective cadets who had completed the Basic Formation of Character Building activities was implemented a while ago.

In this wise activity, the Chairperson of STIP also presented Scholarships for 24 Taruni Taruni with Achievement.

And the names of the cadets consist of:

1.Jardine Rizky Dalimunte

2.Delina Nur Ramadhani

3.Alifia Nur Fazira Juhairi

4.Dimas Wira Pradana

5.Tegar Agung Firmanto

6.Satria Deriva

7.Defia Rizky Pratiwi

8.Citra Afaf Durratun Nashihah

9.M Rizki Fadiansyah

10.Alfi Kamil Rafi

11.Ivan Dhandi Zafriano

12.Leo Markus Nainggolan

13.Restu Krisnanto

14.Gilbert Kristiandanu

15.Reza Andian Riady

16.Tabita Septiana Killasandra

17.Mutiara Amelia

18.Gagamestika Ademukhlis

19.Hafid Widi Atmono


21.Bani Ramdani

22.Yola Miranda

23.Grace Maria Hutagaol


In his remarks the Chairperson of STIP said, “I congratulate Taruni Taruni who have succeeded and are declared to have graduated in the graduation to raise the semester level, especially for Taruni Taruni who have performed well and hopefully this can motivate other cadets to be more active in study.”