Jakarta 4 November 2019

Representing the Chairperson of STIP Jakarta, Budi Purnomo, M.MTr. as Assistant Chair I (Puket I) and accompanied by Dr. April Gunawan Malau, MM, as the Head of P3M STIP and attended by Capt. Robdanang, as the representative of BP3L, officially opened the second wave of “Technical Beginning of Fundamental Fundamentals” activities of the Department of Transportation in the community empowerment program at the Jakarta College of Shipping (STIP).

The activity was carried out at the Midtown Residence Building in South Jakarta and was attended by 56 participants of the Dishub members from several regions including:

1. Banten Transportation Agency = 4 people

2. North Sumatra Transportation Agency = 4

3. Riau Transportation Agency = 3 people

4. Pekanbaru Transportation Agency = 4 people

5. Dishub Meranti = 38

6. Central Java Transportation Agency = 3 people

7. Dishub of Bangka Belitung Province = 1 person

The STIP Chairperson in his remarks read by Budi Purnomo, M.MTr, said “I welcome all participants of the selected training program to get here, this activity was carried out as one of the DPM STIP Jakarta programs aimed at providing additional insights and knowledge related to the basics of harnessing for Transportation Department employees, and we hope that the knowledge gained here can later be applied at the location you all are serving, carry out this activity seriously and follow all the rules set so that all of these activities can run successfully and smoothly. “