Jakarta, 26 September 2019.

Located in the maritime room, the Chairperson of the College of Shipping (STIP) Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM accepts the visit of Mr. Gu Se Hyong (Jasindo Duta Segara Marketing Director) and Mr. Shin Jun Keon (General Manager of POS SM) Jasindo Company. This visit was carried out in order to submit Scholarship from PT. Jasindo to six STIP cadets who have just finished their marine practice (Prala) at the company.

The six cadets are Adrian Firmansyah Sopandi, Doni Sani Setiawan, Rizki Nur Syahbani, Leonardo Prakasa, Khoirul Kurniawan Bimantara and Raka Raja Mulia. Besides being attended by the Chairperson of STIP, the handover was also attended by other STIP officials, namely Budi Purnomo (Puket 1), Larsen Barasa (Head of KALK), Deni Fitrial (Sekjur Nautika), Vidya Selasdi (Head of STIP Business Development). said, “Thank you for the appreciation given by PT. Jasindo Duta Segara towards cadets who have finished carrying out their Pralah activities at PT. Jasindo and hopefully the Scholarship provided can make motivation for other cadets and cadets more active in learning so they have abilities that they can be proud of while in the workforce. “

After the scholarship submission activity was completed the event continued with the recruitment of cadets who would carry out sea and land practices at Jasindo Duta Segara Company.