Jakarta, 17 February 2020

100 students of SMKN 9 Pontianak as participants of the DPM STIP Batch II in 2020, were declared to have passed 100% in participating in the training held since February 3-16, 2020. This was stated by Capt. Supendi, M.MTr when closing the second batch of DPM.

At the end of the closing he added “That all of you currently have international standard certificates and we hope that all the training that has been given can be useful and utilized as well as possible for the progress of the homeland and the nation, so as to accelerate advanced Indonesian Human Resources Forward as targeted by President of the Republic of Indonesia. “

Also attending the DPM closing ceremony was Dr. April Gunawan Malau, MM as the Head of the Center for Research and Community Service and his staff.