Jakarta, 14 November 2019

PT Aweidhia’s visit to STIP Jakarta today to discuss the recruitment of STIP Jakarta cadets to carry out practices at PT Aweidhia later.

During his visit PT Aweidhia was welcomed by the chairman of the Jakarta Sailing College Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak MM in the STIP Jakarta Maritime Room. In their conversation, Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM explained that many facilities at STIP Jakarta are very supportive for the teaching and learning process of STIP Jakarta cadets in terms of teaching lecturers to facilities such as existing simulators. Obviously with the availability of facilities that are very supportive can produce cadets who have quality in terms of technical ability and good knowledge to work on the ship later.

Next Mr. Armin Zilske as Recruitment Manager of Oldendorff, Mr. Trisal Tahir as MD Aweidhia, Mr. Saladan Sangola as Crew Manager of Aweidhia and Capt. Purvez as the Director of PT Aweidhia saw firsthand the facilities of the STIP Jakarta campus, starting from the Bridge Simulator, Engine Room Simulator, High Voltage, laboratory Boilers and others.