Jakarta, 6 January 2020

STIP is an educational institution under the auspices of Transportation BPSDM. As the oldest and largest Maritime Campus in Indonesia, of course STIP has complete facilities and professional human resources in its field.


That is what makes STIP as one of the reference campuses for several maritime academies in Indonesia and the world. One of the opportunity to attend at this time is the Maritime Academy of Bangladesh.


The Principal of STIP Jakarta, Amiruddin, MM and accompanied by several Structural / Functional Officers of STIP Jakarta, received and welcomed the arrival of the Capt. Kazl ABM Shameem as Deputy Director of Bangladesh Marine Academy.


The event began with an introduction and brief exposure to STIP profile by Capt. Supendi, M.MTr and continued with visits to several educational facilities owned by STIP Jakarta, including workshop workshop, High Voltage lab, charge stability lab and main engine.