Jakarta, 20 June 2019

Located in the Audiovisual Room (AVA) of STIP, in his speech Capt.Egbert as the Assistant Chairperson I (Puket I) of the STIP representing the Chairperson of STIP conveyed, his hope in this workshop activity could add insight into the accreditation of higher education libraries, so that the STIP library could be immediately given accreditation and become a learning medium for anyone in need.
The Workshop on Library Accreditation Preparation was attended by functional officials, structural officials, STIP academic community members and a resource person. The speakers who attended the workshop were Drs.Supriyanto, M.Si as the Head of School and Higher Education Library Development of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia. In this activity, he presented the steps and procedures needed by the university library to obtain accreditation from the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia.