Jakarta 24 September 2019.

430 cadets of STIP take part in a public lecture entitled Defending the Country. The activities carried out in the STIP Auditorium building were also attended by several STIP Structural and Functional Officers, including Capt. Fahmi Uma Sangaji, as the Head of Adm of Religion and Alumni, Deni Fitrial as Secretary of Nautika, Aldo Delfiano as chairman of Internal Inspection Unit (SPI) and Laila Puspita sari as Secretary of KALK.

Brig. Gen. (ret) Fakhrudin, SE.MBA as the guest speaker in his presentation said “How important the knowledge of the Defense of the State is for all Indonesian Youth and this is in accordance with the mandate of the 1945 Constitution articles 27 and 30.

Current awareness of the defense of the State for some Indonesian Youth has begun to weaken, even though challenges and threats to the integrity of the Indonesian Nation in the future will be increasingly severe.

The magnitude and breadth of the territory of the Republic of Indonesia which is separated by oceans and islands is one of the challenges for all of us, for this reason how important we understand about the Defending the Nation as one of the tangible proofs of our love for our country Indonesia. “

At the end of his presentation he added that one of the threats of Defending the Nation which was no less important was the Danger of Drugs, which now posed a threat so close to us, especially the younger generation. Drugs have infiltrated various professions, both ordinary people, community leaders and even law enforcers and various ages no matter whether young or old, almost evenly already familiar with drugs.

So as the young generation of the nation, it’s time we care about the part of defending this country, one of which is to say no to drugs.