Kab. Kepulauan Meranti, 22 February 2020

The implementation of Community Empowerment Training (DPM) in an effort to achieve the realization of the Superior HR towards Indonesia Forward continues to be increasingly carried out by the Government. And STIP as an educational and training institution in the maritime sector under BPSDM Transportation, carried out the DPM program optimally to reach the foremost and outermost islands of Indonesia, namely the Meranti Islands Regency, Riau.

The area has a population of approximately 240,000 people, most of whom make a living by working as fishermen and inter-island crossing boat operators.

STIP DPM activity class V took place from 17-22 February 2020, attended by around 240 participants and opened by Ir. Sugihardjo, M.Sc, as the Head of the Transportation Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDMP), while the closing was carried out by Drs. Asroruddin, M.Sc, as Assistant 2 of the Regional Government of Kab. Meranti Islands, which is symbolically marked with the release of the participant’s sign.

In his speech representing the Meranti Regent, he said “In accordance with the geographical location and life of Meranti residents who depend on the waters / seas, of course it is very appropriate if this kind of training is carried out for the Meranti community. Knowledge related to safety and security while at sea, for our community is very For this reason, we, as the Regional Government of the Meranti Islands, represent the entire Meranti community to express their heartfelt gratitude for all the attention and outpouring of energy and thoughts, especially for the Minister of Transportation, as well as the Head of Transportation BPSDM and Chairperson of STIP Jakarta who had been willing to come directly to the Meranti Region and open this DPM activity.

On the same occasion in his speech the Chairperson of STIP was read by Drs. Renhard Manurung, MM. expressed “High gratitude to the Meranti Islands Regional Government and the entire Meranti community for the good and smooth implementation of this DPM, hopefully what we have done together will be beneficial for the community, especially knowledge of safety and security while at sea.”