Jakarta, 28 February 2020

The Head of the Jakarta Sailing College (STIP), Amiruddin, M.M, presides over the handover of the STIP Cadet Regiment Corps Commander. Old Taruna Regiment Commander Fernando Suya NRP. 15.8478 / T was replaced by Cadet Albiantoro Ilman Setiawan NRP. 559168960 / T.

In his remarks the Chairperson of STIP said “Thank you and give the highest appreciation to the old Regimental Commander and his staff for all their dedication, who have worked hard in leading the other cadets, and I welcome the new Regiment Commander and all his staffs, welcome to work for lead your brothers and sisters, there should never be any more violence happening at this STIP campus, be a role model for your sister, in leading don’t ever feel the best but be smart feel so that you can lead well. “

At the end of his remarks the Chairperson of STIP added “Through Assistant Principal III, we will reward and appreciate all of your achievements, both in the form of cruise and in the form of other rewards, and we will also provide coaching sanctions if there are still violations that occur in your leadership, and to convey the creative ideas of the STIP’s Principal room wide open for the arrival of the Regiment Corp. “

The event of the replacement of the STIP Cadet Regiment Commander was marked by the Submission of the STIP Duaja Flag from the old Regiment Commander to the new Regiment Commander, as well as the signing of the Integrity Pact witnessed by the Principal of STIP.