Mount Bunder, 9 March 2020.

Commander of the Defense and Education Depo of the Indonesian Military Battle Training Rindam Jaya Lieutenant Colonel (Inf.) Eston, along with Vice Principal III Mr. Solehuddin, MM, and the ranks of the Character Development Center STIP, held the Opening Ceremony of Post-Sea Project Cadets Batch 59 2nd Period in 2020. The Ceremony lead by Colonel (Inf.) Eston as the Commander of the ceremony. Mr. Solehuddin acted as the inspector of the ceremony.

Quoting Vice-Principal III’s statement, “The activity which was carried out from 9 March to 12 March 2020 is in the context of forming and regrowing a disciplinary attitude for the Post-Trained cadets who have been carrying out sea practice for about a year.”

In his speech, Lieutenant Colonel (Inf.) Eston said, “Welcome to Rindam Jaya, an extraordinary opportunity for younger siblings to learn and practice in this place, with very experienced trainers, especially in Defending the Country training, practice discipline, either time discipline or movement discipline fully, open your heart to receive knowledge from the Coach, never feel tired or bored, do not ever give up, because experience has shown by practicing and working hard that we are able to achieve our goals, able to overcome obstacles and obstacles, and finally, don’t forget to pray and worship so that our success gets the blessing of Almighty God. “