Jakarta, 7 January 2020


Violence can occur anywhere at any time, violence in education is something that must be avoided, especially on this STIP campus. To anticipate this, Pusbangkar as the person directly responsible for the development of cadet characters conducts anti-violence campaign activities in the form of public lectures by presenting expert speakers namely North Jakarta Police Chief Commissioner Budhi Herdi Susianto S.H, S.I.K, M.Sc.


The North Jakarta Police Chief was received directly by the Chairperson of STIP Jakarta, Amiruddin, M.Mar.E., M.M in the Maritime Room accompanied by structural / functional officials. The Principal of STIP handed over symbolically souvenirs to the North Jakarta Police Chief and vice versa. In the lecture, it was delivered “So that the STIP Jakarta cadets can behave wisely and undergo the educational process in full discipline and follow all applicable rules and regulations and carry it out seriously and meet the future with the right education patterns, and every success requires various series of processes.


At present Indonesia as a developing country is in need of qualified human resources, especially in the field of shipping. And STIP is one institution that has the ability to form these HR. Improve your ability in the form of skills that can support our success later, and avoid the attitude of violence in all respects. Because violence only produces evil and sorrow. “