Jakarta, 11 May 2020

The spread of the Coronavirus / Covid-19 has become a pandemic throughout the world. Indonesia has had a tremendous impact on health, social and economic conditions for the community. The Jakarta College of Shipping (STIP), in collaboration with Primaya Hospital, conducting a COVID 19 Stage 1 Rapid Test that was attended by 243 STIP employees.

The Head of Medical Unit of STIP, drg. Rahmi said, “this activity aims to increase awareness and early detection of the spread of Covid-19 and anticipate its impact on the STIP environment”. She also reminded all employees to stay healthy and carry out health protocols such as washing hands, keeping the distance of each other, wearing a face mask, and staying at home if you do not have a necessary thing to do outdoor. Do not forget to wear your face mask whenever you go outside the house and always pray for a health condition”.