Jakarta, 3 January 2020

As a form of caring for others, the STIP Jakarta Academic Community is raising funds and making donations in the form of nine basic food items to be delivered to flood victims around the Jakarta STIP campus.
Located in the Disaster Mitigation Command Post of Rorotan Village, Cilincing District, North Jakarta, the aid was received symbolically by the Rorotan Village Chief, Idham Mugabe and his staff and will be distributed to flood victims immediately.

Headman of Rorotan Village said “Thank you is infinite to the Chairperson of STIP Jakarta and all employees who are very concerned with the flooding experienced by the residents of Rorotan and this contribution will be immediately distributed to those who have the right to receive it and hopefully the goodness of you will receive a reward from Allah SWT.

From the information of the Disaster Mitigation Command Post in Rorotan Village, information is obtained that currently the number of refugees is 150 residents, with 350 houses directly affected by the flood disaster with a water level of 1.5 meters.