STIP Jakarta organizes Community Service activities under the title of Extension of Development of the Integrity Zone Jakarta Sailing School towards WBK / WBBM which is oriented towards Community Services in the Jakarta STIP Environment in 2019, activities carried out on Wednesday, 24 July 2019 starting at 09.00 -12.00 WIB in the Auditorium Room and participated by 281 participants, consisting of 105 people from the community around the Marunda Region, 7 Stake holders, 78 STIP Employees, 44 Pasis people and 47 people from Youth Organization / STIP. The event which was opened by Ka. BKAU STIP Drs. Brenhard, M.Sc. This is a continuation of the program previously announced by the Chairperson of STIP Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM. on May 10, 2019.

Besides being attended by cadets, the event was also attended by several STIP officials and local muspika including:

1. Marunda Urban Village was represented by LMK Marunda Village, Didik Suwandi.

2. Ka. P3M, Dr. April Gunawan Malau, MM.

3. Extension, Hotman Tua Pangaribuan, MM.

4. Stakeholder representative, Zulkifli from PT. Amas Iscindo Utama.

5. P3M staff and RTH staff.

6. Base STIP.

The event was opened and began with Singing Indonesia Raya Song, Reading the Implementation Report, Embeding the participant’s sign. The speech represented the Stake holder, Mr. Zulkifli, representing the Marunda Village Chief, Bapak. Didik Suwandi and Ka. BKAU STIP Drs. Brenhard, M.Sc., followed by Prayer Reading, Counseling Activities, Participant Questions and Answers, Group Photos, and concluded with the Signing of Joint Commitments by all participants.