Jakarta 25 Juli 2019

Located in the Auditorium building of the Sailing School of Science (STIP) Jakarta, the Principal of STIP Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM, and accompanied by structural and functional officials as well as Student Officer lecturers, officially closed the Seafarers Training Program (DP) Level I of  Batch LII and the Seafarers Training (DP) Level III of Batch XXIX.

The event began with singing the song Indonesia Raya and the Transportation Hymn and then continued with the education report delivered by Capt. Supendi, M.Mtr and in his report stated that the number of participants in the training of seafarers’ expertise inaugurated totaled 102 Pasis consisting of:

ANT I amounts to 33Pasis

ATT I numbered 24 pasis

ANT III is 45 Pasis.

And all student officers are said to have graduated 100 percent.

While on the same occasion the Principal of STIP Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM, in his speech said, “I would like to congratulate all student officers who have just been inaugurated today, hopefully all knowledge gained during their education in this place can be beneficial and can be developed in the world of work, in addition also we thank all the pasis and their families, who have chosen STIP as the place to carry out their education and all family members who have provided support so that student officers can achieve and exceed the target that must be passed, namely passing 100 percent for the Seaman Skill Exams (UKP) .

And we also need to say that STIP currently has and complements its facilities with various needs for seafarers including Marlin Tests and Medical Tests with certificates bearing the Garuda logo and has been approved by the Ministry of Transportation. “

At the end of the closing STIP Chairperson added, that the work of Seafarers is one of noble and proud work, and now the time has come to devote all of your devotion to the Motherland and currently STIP is launching a Region Free of Corruption (WBK) and Clean Bureaucracy Serving Areas (WBBM), Once again, we congratulate and always success. “