Jakarta, 24 February 2020

Indonesia is an archipelago united by a vast stretch of ocean, this makes Indonesia also a maritime country whose lives are largely dependent on the use of sea and sea products. Because of its geographical location, of course, Indonesia really needs competent human resources in shipping.

The College of Shipping (STIP), as a leading international standard maritime education and training institute in 2020 implemented several Community Empowerment Training (DPM) programs for free in various regions and currently underway is DPM for Sailing Vocational Students from several regions, between another:

  1. DPM Batch VI followed by 99 students of Pontianak Sailing Vocational School which was opened by Drs. Sugianto, MM, represented the Chairperson of STIP, whose implementation was carried out in Pontianak City.
  2. DPM Batch VII was joined by Jambi Taruna Indonesia Vocational School with 37 participants and Batch VIII attended by 25 Nusantara Vocational Students in Serang, the implementation of which was carried out at the STIP Jakarta Campus.

The Head of Finance and General Administration (KBKAU), Indriati, SE, MM, represented the Principal of STIP, in his welcoming quote saying “The purpose of this activity is to fulfill human resources and increase competence in the maritime sector and hope that all participants can participate in this activity with enthusiasm up to finish training and use this opportunity to increase your knowledge and completeness of the certificate so that it can become capital to work on the boat. “

At the end of his speech he also said “Thank you to the Head of the SMK Serang Nusantara and Taruna Indonesia Jambi Vocational School, for their cooperation and hopefully this activity will run smoothly and smoothly in an effort to empower the community in the school environment.”

While on the same occasion the representative of the Head of the Vocational School said “Thank you to the Head of Transportation BSDM especially to STIP Jakarta who have given the opportunity to return to our students to participate in this DPM program, the DPM program is very helpful and very useful and students will get certificates in a manner it’s free “

The opening of DPM batch VII and VIII at STIP Jakarta was marked by symbolically fitting hats and uniforms to the participant’s representatives by KBKAU accompanied by Dr. April Gunawan, MM, as the Head of the Center for Research and Community Service (P3M) and the ranks of P3M.