Jakarta 4 July 2019.

a number of cadets from STIP participated in the introduction program on the ship / Filltrip (FT), an activity carried out on the Latih Muhammad Husni Thamrin (KLMHT) ship was held every week with a scheduled departure of ships every Monday and Wednesday . This direct boat introduction activity is an initial introduction and is a preparation for all Taruni Taruni level 2 before entering and undergoing a period of sea practice (Prala). Capt. Andi Ikbal, As the leader of the M. HusniThamrin Train Boat in a quote said, “After the Taruni Taruni learned theoretically while on campus.

Then on this training ship, Taruna Taruni STIP can get hands-on learning and experience how to prepare a cruise plan, from starting to reach the map, making the path that will be traversed, calculating the manifest of the cargo, and then acting as the ship leaves the port. During the FT cruise activities, cadets also learn firsthand how to communicate with other ships and navigate well. One of the most important things of this shipping activity is training in an emergency, in the form of procedures for leaving the ship quickly, precisely and safely. “From this voyage training, it can be seen how the whole Taruna Taruni is very serious in implementing it, because for them this is new knowledge that has never been obtained and is dealing directly with the natural sea that can change at any time.

Prana Adi, a cadet from the STIP participant said “this exercise can add to our knowledge and experience, especially those of us who have never been on a ship, the only place to see is photos or videos, now with this activity we can know what is in a ship, and whatever we have to prepare when it will sail. “