Jakarta 15 July 2019.

Located in the auditorium and attended by structural and functional officials as well as the STIP cadets, Mr. Andri Hartono as Vice President Head of Network and Service symbolically handed over an educational scholarship to Taruna Taruni STIP and was received directly by the Chairperson of STIP Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM.
The number of scholarships awarded by BNI is Rp. 247,500,000 (two hundred forty seven million five hundred thousand rupiah).
In his speech the Chairperson of STIP conveyed, “on behalf of all STIP members, thank BNI management who have given special attention to STIP cadets in the form of educational scholarships and this scholarship will be conveyed to all Taruna STIP cadets and of course in accordance with the rules and requirements. predetermined.

On the same occasion, Mr.Andri as BNI’s management said, “this scholarship is a tangible manifestation of how BNI is very concerned and very enthusiastic about the development of national education, especially the cadets of STIP, this program is a CSR program whose funds come from company profits and we set aside to progress education in STIP.
Hopefully what we have provided can be useful and can be improved again in the following year. ”
STIP Jakarta always gives appreciation to cadets who have academic and non-academic achievements and gives special attention to cadets who are less able to provide scholarships, this is solely to stimulate the learning spirit of their cadets, besides that STIP always participates in social service activities assisting victims of natural disasters.