Jakarta, 04 July 2019.

Ms. Vidya Selasdini, S.SiT., M.MTr as the Head of Business Development Division who represented the Chairperson of STIP welcomed the arrival of Maritime Tourism participants from 44ERS KIDS (children of CAAIP Alumni class 44) and from Kautsan Bintaro Elementary School. In this event Ms. Vidya was accompanied by Mr. R.M Yusuf and Mr. Titis Ari Wibowo. In this welcoming ceremony, Mr. R.M Yusuf showed the magic show to the participants and was greeted with great enthusiasm. In the magic show there was also a prize-giving session for participants who were willing to help Mr. R.M Yusuf in his action.

After the magic show is over, participants of the maritime tour are immediately invited to the tourist attraction in accordance with the agenda. The marine tourism agenda is a visit to the STIP Laboratory and Simulator including:

– Lab. Real Engine

– Lab. Nautical / Rigging

– Lab. Stability

– Engine Room Simulator

– Steering Gear Simulator

– Bridge Simulator

After a visit to the laboratory, followed by a visit to the training ship unit and riding SpeedBoat. The visit to the training ship unit was completed followed by lunch activities in the style of the STIP Youth Organization in Wisraba I, which was guided by Taruna / Taruni who guided the proper and correct procedures for eating.