Jakarta, 05 July 2019

Located at STIP Jakarta Auditorium, Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM as the Chairperson of STIP inaugurated Capt. Andi Aswad, S.SiT, M.MTr, M.Mar as Head of the Program and Report Subdivision replacing the previous position holder, Mr. Giri Atmoko.S.S, M.MTr. In addition to inauguration, the Chairperson of STIP also moved the Capt. Irfan Faozun as the Head of the Character Building Center where he has been appointed as Head of the General Subdivision and Cooperation of the Sorong Shipping Polytechnic.

The event was attended by Structural and functional Officers, STIP Academics, and Dharma Wanita.

In his remarks, the Chairperson of STIP expressed his gratitude to the Officials who were transferred for their dedication and dedication during their stay at STIP and hoped that these officials would continue to be successful in their new institutions. The Chairperson of STIP also wishes to welcome new officials and motivate him to carry out his duties properly.

In addition to the inauguration and assignment ceremony, there was also the awarding of certificates and souvenirs for the Officials who were transferred as a sign of remembrance and appreciation for their dedication so far.