Jakarta, 27 December 2019

Located in the 1st Floor Meeting Room of STIP Jakarta, Amiruddin, MM as the Principal of STIP Jakarta and accompanied by several Structural / Functional Officers, received and welcomed the arrival of the Public Service Board (BLU) Board of Trustees (BLU), which consisted of Ir. Sugeng Wibowo, MM as the Chairperson of Dewas, Dr. Efendi, SE., M.Sc as Secretary of Dewas, and Brig. Gen. (ret.) Fakhruruddin, SE., MBA and Drs. Sahat MT Panggabean, MM as a member of Dewas BLU STIP Jakarta.

The presence of the Head of Dewas BLU STIP and the team was to carry out monitoring or meetings related to the evaluation, achievement of the realization of the BLU and the receipt of the budget in 2019 as well as the planned budget target allocation in 2020.