Jakarta, 16 December 2019

At present the formation of superior human resources to realize advanced Indonesia in accordance with the Presidential Instruction of the Republic of Indonesia is being intensively carried out by various institutions, especially certified and internationally standard educational and training institutions such as STIP Jakarta.

Representing the Chairman of STIP, Capt. Abdul Rochman, MM, as the Assistant Chairperson II (Puket II) and accompanied by members of the STIP Senate, closed and inaugurated 48 Student Officers (Pasis) Seafarers Training Level IV Nautika batch III.

The event was held at the STIP Auditorium Building. begins with singing the song Indonesia Raya and a report on the implementation of education and training by Vidya Selasdini, M.MTr as the Head of Business Development Division and continued with the installation of samir and remarks from the Senate Leaders.

In a speech from the Principal of STIP, read by Puket II, he said “Congratulations to all Pasis who had just passed their education and were declared to have passed and were finally inaugurated today, witnessed by all the attendees, especially family members.

STIP as one of the best places for education and training, is very grateful for the opportunity given to educate and train the Pasis to become a professional in the field of shipping and hopefully soon be able to rededicate all the knowledge that has been obtained on this campus to the public.

And thanks also to all Lecturers and Academic Community Members who have helped and guided the entire Pasis so that all Education activities went smoothly. “