Jakarta, 13 December 2019

Located in the Auditorium Building, representing the Principal of STIP, Capt. Abdul Rochman, MM, as Assistant Principal II and accompanied by members of the Senate of the STIP, officially closed the Level I Seafarers’ Technical Training for batch LIV  in 2019.

In a speech read by Puket II, the Principal of STIP conveyed his congratulations to all the student officers (Pasis) ATT 1 of batch LIV who had just been appointed. And hopefully all the knowledge that has been obtained on this campus, can soon be devoted back to the middle of society.

Continue to develop yourself and never get bored to improve and hone yourself because every time technology continues to develop, especially Maritime technology. “

While Richie Alvino Talahaturuson, as the Pasis representative in delivering the impression of the message said “Now if there is happiness given by God to humans, we are part of the human, because we have been able to tread the level of education to its peak and it is all because of the mercy and greatness of God. course, which of course is also due to the support of Mr. / Mrs. Lecturers and all STIP academics who are never tired of guiding and encouraging us all, at this opportunity we also apologize if as long as we study in this place there are things that are less pleasing, we apologize “And in closing we pray that STIP will be more victorious and continue to be superior in the maritime world.”