Today (06/8) a survey has been carried out on the implementation of the Bureaucratic Reform in the Ministry of Transportation in 2019, namely at the College of Shipping (STIP) Jakarta.
Located in the STIP Jakarta Maritime Room, Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM welcomed the Survey Team of the Central Statistics Agency, Mrs. Maharani and the Team. This activity was attended by Structural and Functional Officers, Shipping Company Representatives, BNI Bank, STIP cadets and ANT & ATT Pasis.

The Ministry of PAN and RB appointed the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) to conduct a survey of stakeholders / service users in the UPT service unit within the Ministry of Transportation, namely STIP Jakarta. This evaluation is carried out to obtain information about the progress of implementing bureaucratic reform in all government agencies. The results of the survey are expected to provide an overview of the community’s evaluation of the services of government agencies as a reflection of the progress in implementing bureaucratic reform in each government.
STIP is ready to become a Region Free of Corruption (WBK) and a Clean Serving Bureaucracy Region (WBBM), with a Motto of GIAT …. GIAT… …. GIAT … No Corruption !!!