Jakarta (3/13/2020) Located in the STIP Auditorium Building, Dr.April Gunawan Malau, MM, as the Head of the Center for Research and Community Service (P3M), led the distribution of the Free Maritime Certificate of the STIP DPM Program and the granting of Allowances for Participants Training for Community Empowerment (DPM) Batch II to 132 participants. The certificates that distributed were BST, SAT, AFF. The training program began on 4 February to 13 March 2020.

Accompanied by the ranks of P3M, in his quote quotation Kapus P3M said, “Representing the STIP chairman, we congratulate all the brothers and sisters who have successfully participated in this training program with excellent and disciplined manners, so that today all certificates resulting from the training consist of BST, SAT, AFF we can share on time / Delivery On Time (DOT). Besides the certificates, there was an allowance amount Rp 700,000 for each participant. We hope these certificates can be used as well as possible to get a job in the maritime sector.