Jakarta, 11 March 2020

The inspector of the awarding ceremony for STIP Jakarta athletes performing at the 2020 Official Olympics (OPTK), Vice Principal III, Solehuddin, MM, awarded and gave medals to the athletes. The Olympiad held a long time ago at the PPIC Tangerang Campus. The Chairman of DWP STIP, Mrs. Ida Fatma, attended the ceremony.

In this OPTK 2020, STIP won 1 Gold, 1 Silver, and 4 Bronzes, which was obtained in sports:

Karate Putra:

Amin M Yasin / N1B / Earn Gold

Hendy Pratama / TIIIF / Bronze won


Vanugie Febya M / IIIC / Earn silver

Rizkqi Andromeda S / T1D / Won Bronze

Men’s Basketball Team won Bronze

Photography Team won Bronze

The Head of DWP STIP said in her speech, “We, mothers, will always provide support for all the achievements. We continue to be enthusiastic in achieving that achievement, keep the right name and name of our campus. Hopefully, STIP will be more successful, what we give this as an encouragement so that in the future we can achieve even better achievements. ”

Deputy Principal III also said, “It will endeavor that all athletes who excel can get an educational scholarship, do not be easily satisfied with what has been achieved today, more hard practice, both in sports and academics, with discipline it will be easier for us to achieve the goals we hope for. ”