Jakarta, 22 January 2020

Community Empowerment Training which is a government program, certified skills training activities are intended for people who are unable and aim to improve the ability of human resources, towards superior and advanced Indonesian human resources.

Since a few years ago until now, STIP Jakarta has been carrying out this program continuously and continuously, even able to exceed the number of targets set by the government.

Related to the above 2020, Amiruddin. MM, as the Principal of STIP, undertook a strategic step in the form of signing a collaboration (MOU) between STIP and several institutions as a form of implementing the 2020 DPM.

The activity carried out in the STIP Maritime Room was attended by KSOPs and leaders from each institution as participants of DPM STIP.
These institutions are:
1. KSOP class III Kota Baru Batulicin .
2. KSOP class IV Selat Panjang and Dishub Kab. Meranti
3. KSOP class IV Marunda
4. KSOP class IV Pangkalan Balam and Dishub Bangka Belitung
5. KSOP class IV Kumai
6. Jakarta Raya National Maritime Academy
7. Djadajat Maritime Academy
8. State Vocational School 9 Pontianak

In his remarks the STIP’s Principal said “As Indonesian people we must unite and synergize, and do not want to be boxed up by anyone who eventually we will be divided, let us together intensify this collaboration so that it can become an agent for improving the human resources and welfare of the Indonesian people, by giving the widest possible opportunity to our less fortunate brothers so that they can all live prosperously and properly. “