Jakarta 22 Oktober 2019

Chairman of STIP Jakarta, Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM, and accompanied by Budi Purnomo, M.MTr as Puket I, Capt. Supendi, M.MTr as KBAAK, and Dr. April Gunawan Malau, MM, as the Head of Community Service Center (P3M) officially opened the seminar activity of the results of the third STIP Lecturer research in 2019.

The event began with singing Indonesia Raya and was attended by all STIP Jakarta academicians including structural / functional officials, lecturers, student officers (Pasis) and cadets of STIP Jakarta.

In the activity report read by Dr. April Gunawan Malau, MM, he reported, “that this research activity is one part of the implementation of the Tri Darma of Higher Education which is a part of Tupoksi from P3M, and the research seminar activity was attended by researchers from STIP Jakarta Lecturers with research titles including:

1. Study of the Concept of 5-Step Cycle Combustion Engine as a New Innovation in the Automotive Field.

2. Analysis of the Use of Low Sulfur Fuel Oil with High Sulfur Fuel Oil Equipped with Serubers on Vessels to Meet the Marpol Convention Annex VI Regulation 14 for SOX, 0.5%

3. Enhancing the Role of the People’s Shipping Fleet in Supporting Sea Transportation in the Era of Indonesia’s Economic Growth Uncertainty

4. Maximizing Turning and Welding Practice Activities at Lathe and Welding Workshop in Order to Improve the Skill of STIP Engineering Study Program Youth in the Lathe and Welding Field.

5. Optimizing the Management of Oil Pollution in MT. Kamojang to Support the Smooth Operation of Ships.

6. Optimization of Bulk Load Space Preparation above MV.Pan Daisy to Support Smooth Operation of the Ship.

7. Efforts to Repeat Non Condensable Gas in the Loading Process on the MT.Coral Millepora Ship.

8. Optimization of the System Application Procedure for the Use of Work Safety Equipment to Prevent Work Accidents above MV.Vision Global.

9. Optimization of the Determination of the System and Procedure for Using the Inert Gas System to Prevent Explosions during the Loading Process above MT. Gamsunoro.

While in his speech the Chairperson of STIP said “this research seminar activity is one of the most important things in the development of the STIP campus, because the research results of the Lecturers can be used as national journals and even international journals”.

The research seminar activity ended at 15.30 which was closed by Budi Purnomo, M.MTr as Puket I representing the Chairperson of STIP Jakarta.