Selat Panjang, 17 September 2019

Cooperation of Community Empowerment Training and Education between STIP Jakarta and KSOP Class IV Selat Panjang. Located in the Long Straits Multipurpose Room, Kepulauan Meranti, DPM STIP Jakarta Coordinator Pande Siregar, MM officially opened this Training and Education. Also attending this event are:
1. The Regent of Meranti Islands, Drs. Irawan M. Si
2. Representing the Head of the KSOP Class IV Selat Panjang Office, Ade Kurniawan
3. Represents the Head of the Dumai Class I KSOP Office, Hanafi
3. Kasatlantas Meranti, Teguh
4. STIP Jakarta Teaching Team and Staff

In the training period September 16 until s.d. 21 September 2019 The type of education and training carried out was the BST KLM and SKK 60 miles with a total of 450 participants.
After the opening ceremony was over, continued with a group photo between the DPM Participants and the Officials and Invitations present.