Jakarta 19 June 2019

Located in the STIP Jakarta Maritime Room, Principal of the Jakarta College of Shipping (STIP) Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM and Irman Darmawan Rumadja as President Director of PT. Hoegh LNG Lampung, signed a collaboration in the Real Work Practice program and the absorption of HR graduates from STIP graduates. PT. Hoegh LNG Lampung is a company engaged in the field of Maritime and Gas.

The Principal of STIP Jakarta said “from this collaboration STIP is expected to be able to send Taruna / Taruni to carry out practical work activities in the office of the company or on a ship owned by PT. Hoegh LNG Lampung. So that cadets get and learn new things so that real practical work activities are required by STIP.

While the representative of PT. Hoegh LNG Lampung in his remarks conveyed, “I hope this synergy can be matched and intertwined very well so that what is one of the goals of this collaboration can be achieved according to the expectations of all of us, especially cadets can carry out practical work practices and provide opportunities for STIP graduates to pursue careers at PT. Hoegh LNG Lampung.