Kabupaten Kepulauan Meranti, 8 February 2020

Training for Community Empowerment (DPM) of Meranti Islands Regency has been completed. The government program in order to increase the ability and skills of the community has been carried out well, while the training provided to the Meranti Islands community is:
1. BST (Basic Safety Training) Commerce
2. SAT (Safety Awareness Training)
3. AFF (Advanced Fire Fighting) Commerce

The number of participants in the training was 240 participants. In closing the training, the training was symbolically closed by Assistant III namely Mr. Rosdaner who represented the Meranti Island Regent in his remarks conveying that the participants had to be proud of themselves because they were able to take part in the commercial training conducted by STIP Jakarta, he provided the motivation for the community that had received This education can apply all the knowledge that has been given in the maritime world, and he hopes that with this education and training the community can improve the economic status in the Meranti Islands, not forgetting to say many thanks to the Ministry of Transportation, Head of BPSDMP, and STIP Jakarta who have come and provided this training, hopefully the Meranti Islands Regency will become the priority of the community empowerment training program.