Jakarta 14 Agustus 2019.

Capt. Egbert E Djasasana, M.Pd as the Assistant Principal (Puket 1) and Drs. Brenhard as the Head of the General Administration Section (KBKAU) representing the head of STIP Jakarta received and welcomed the arrival of Mrs. Ari Wahyuni, Director of PPK BLU along with the entourage. Besides being welcomed by STIP officials, the group was welcomed by Nahkoda and Crew from KLM Husni Thamrin.

Upon arrival on the ship, a safety briefing was conducted directly by Capt. Adi Hidayat as the Commander of the KLM Husni Thamrin.

In his remarks the Director of PK BLU conveyed “Thank you to the Chairperson of STIP for the opportunity given so that all participants of the PK BLU FGD activities can experience and certainly increase experience because they can conduct meetings on board a sailing ship, in addition to onboard activities all participants will also be able to do sharing experiences with STIP leaders who currently have professionally run and managed the BLU program. ” While Puket 1 in his speech said, “Welcome to the Director of PK BLU and all participants of the PK BLU FGD above KLM Husni Thamrin, hopefully from this shipping activity can provide something new experience for all participants and hopefully this activity will run smoothly.”

The pride for STIP to serve the PK BLU FGD team was first on the STIP training ship.