Jakarta 17 July 2019,

Located in the Maritime Room, the Chairperson of the School of Shipping (STIP), Capt. Marihot Sumanjuntak, MM, received visits from several Japanese shipping companies which were coordinated by PT. Jasindo Duta Segara as the Agency.
In this visit the Chairperson of STIP who was accompanied by several Structural and Functional officials had the opportunity to provide exposure related to the facilities and curriculum available at the STIP campus.
After the presentation activities were completed the program continued with touring the campus and seeing some of the educational facilities available at the STIP campus, including the electricity laboratory, deck and engine simulator and Taruna Taruni STIP dining room.

After visiting and looking at some of the STIP facilities, there was a look of admiration and they said “very extraordinary and amazed at the facilities they have and are ready to accept the cadets of STIP cadets to practice and work in the companies they own.”