Jakarta 8 November 2019

Located at Midtown Residence Jakarta, representing the Chairperson of STIP Jakarta, Budi Purnomo, M.MTr. and accompanied by Drs.Tigor Siagian, MM and representatives from BP2TL Capt. Zainal Arifin. The official closing of the “Initial Technical Basics of Kesyahbandaran” activity specifically the Transportation Department in the STIP Jakarta community empowerment program.

The closing ceremony was held at the Midtown Residence Building in Jakarta, followed by 60 participants from several regional Transportation Departments, namely:

1. Banten Transportation Agency = 4 people

2. North Sumatra Transportation Agency = 4

3. Riau Transportation Agency = 3 people

4. Pekanbaru Transportation Agency = 4 people

5. Dishub Meranti = 38

6. Central Java Transportation Agency = 3 people

7. Dishub of Bangka Belitung Province = 4 people

Chairman of STIP Jakarta in his remarks read by Budi Purnomo, M.MTr, said “I thank the participants who have followed the training well and followed the rules given by the committee, hopefully the training that has been implemented can be applied in their respective offices. I hope the participants return to their respective regions safely to their destination. “