Belawan, 8 November 2019

Located in the Deli Belawan Bandar Terminal, the delivery of the Belawan DPM certificate was held, namely the BST and SKK 60-mill training with 325 participants.

The certificate was handed over by Dr. April Gunawan Malau, M.Si as the Head of P3M STIP Jakarta accompanied by Kadiv. STIP Jakarta Business Development, Vidya Selasdini, M.MTr to Capt. Teddy as Head of Sailing Safety. The presentation ceremony was also attended by Capt. Sunaryanto, Mr. Yoppie, Capt. Benyamin Ricci, Capt. Annis Paridi and Capt. Suffering from Belawan KSOP. And also attended by representatives from Belawan Polairud, Lantamal and Belawan I Pelindo.

The participants felt happy and happy because the activities that had been passed were very useful to support their work.